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Our Brother Rudy's Services


HCMC Homeless Ride 2018


Our Brother Charner's Memorial Service Photos


2017 Toyrun Photos


2017 Memorial Run Photos


Myrtle Beach 2017


2017 Mobile Meals Poker Run Photos


HCMC Homeless Run 2017


2016 Toyrun Photos


2016 Mobile Meals Poker Run Photos


Flash's Life Celebration


Click Here for 2015 Toyrun Photos


2015 Mobile Meals Poker Run Photos


2014 Toyrun Photos


Memorial Run/ 40th Anniversary Party


2014 Mobile Meals Photos


2013 Toy Run Photos


Randy Harvey Benefit Photos


2013 Horseshoe Benefit Photos


Memorial Run 2013 Photos


2012 Toyrun Photos

Ride to respect Dennis Allison


2012 Mobile Meals Poker Run Flyer


2011 Toy/Poker Run Photos


2011 Murph Run Photos

More Murph Run Photos (From the little camera)

Stirring hash

2010 Toyrun Photos

2010 Mobile Meals Poker Run

2010 Spring Horseshoe Benefit at The Pub

2009 Toy Run Photos

2009 Christmas Party Photos

The Dixie Classic Poker Run is back

2009 Tommy Murph Memorial Run Photos

Karen Murph Benefit

Saturday, May 30th

2009 Spring Party Details

2009 Mobile Meals Poker Run Details

2008 Christmas Party Photos

2008 Toy/Poker Run Photos

2008 Mobile Meals Poker Run Photos

2008 Spring Party

Photos Coming Soon

Ride to Helen, Ga.

2007 Toyrun Photos

2007 Christmas Party Photos

AHDRA '07 Rockingham

2007 Red Cross Dragrace Photos

2007 Memorial Run Photos

Fall 2007 Horseshoe Benefit Details

2007 Tommy Murph Memorial Poker Run Photos

We honor our brother and friend Slugo

Myrtle Beach 2007 Photos

2007 Spring Party Photos


2006 Toy Run Photos

Christmas Party Photos 2006

We have another wedding! Congratulations to  David and Donna!

Congratulation to Chip and Teresa!

2006 Memorial Run Photos

2006 Fall Horseshoe Flyer



Dedication of "Our Room" at Safe Home/Rape Crisis Center

Chicken Dinner

Feb. 25, 2006

Dick Brooks

2005 Toyrun Photos

2005 Memorial Run

Mobile Meals Poker Run 2005

Sterling Trip/ Rolling Thunder 2005

Myrtle Beach 2005

2005 Spring Horseshoes

Austin's 18th Birthday Party

30th Anniversary Cruise Photos

2004 Toy/Poker Run Photos

Fall 2004 Horseshoe Benefit Photos


Fall '04 Virginia Trip Photos

Sturgis 2004 Photos

2004 Memorial Run

Thirtieth Anniversary

Red Cross Dragrace Fall 2004

Frogmore Stew 8/21/04

July 4, 2004 Ride to Greenville's "Red, White, and Blue Festival"

Easter Seals '04 Photos

Mighty Moo Parade 2004

June 19,2004

Congratulations William and Darlene

Myrtle Beach 2004

2004 Tommy Murph Memorial Poker Run for Mobile Meals

May 1st Rainout at Clancy's

Spring '04 Horseshoe Benefit Photos  

We pay respects to our brother

Daytona Spring '04 Photos

David's 50th Birthday

2003 Toy Run Photos

Fall Horseshoe Benefit at The Pub

Red Cross Rally Photos

Memorial Run 2003

Watauga Lake 2003

Red Cross Spring 2003 Dragrace Photos


 Southern Nationals

Myrtle Beach 2003 Photos  

Mobile Meals Poker Run Photos   

Miss Easter Seals Womanless Beauty Pageant Photos

Events Calendar


March 26, 2003

The Shop Sterling,Va. New Years party photos are here.

Toy/Poker Run Photos 2002

Myrtle Beach 2002 Photos

Spring 2002 Horseshoe Benefit

Steve Moore's

Banzai Racing

 Mike Fitzgerald's

Mavrik Racing

 Red Cross Motorcycle Dragraces

Fall 2002 Race

Spring 2003 Race

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Wedding Photos

Florida Keys Photos