The Shop's 2016 Toy-Poker Run

for Safe Homes Rape Crisis Coalition

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Let’s see now. What would you write about a day like this?

   It started before daybreak with our clubhouse coming alive with the smell of coffee brewing, bacon, sausage, and bologna frying. Biscuits in the oven, Willie making lots of grits and our main man Freddie making sausage gravy outside in the big cast iron pan. Already good huh!

   And then there was light in the sky, the Spartanburg biker community started to come in. And they continued to come in, all bringing toys and donations. Some had already filled boxes that were placed around town. Some of our brothers in other Spartanburg clubs had voluntarily placed boxes for toys around. The toy truck provided by Wallace Bragg was already filling up. Poker hands ran out and Eva had to go print more (what a good problem to have!). Keep in mind the temperature had to still be in the 40’s or very low 50’s.

   At each stop we were treated to seeing and talking with someone we hadn’t seen in a while which always warms the heart. After a cool but comfortable ride we made to the “Parade stop”. It is here where one gets to soak in the magnitude of event with the entire group gathered in one place for the 3pm kickstands up of the parade. This parade was huge to say the least. Along the route across the entire City of Spartanburg I don’t think there was one point that you could have seen the front and back of this parade.

   Hopefully the photos on these pages will help preserve the memories of this year’s event. If you see a photo you’d like to have for printing just email me . Won’t cost a thing, these photos belong to the entire Spartanburg motorcycle community.

   In closing I’ll try and mention the folks who made this event possible. I’ll probably miss someone but certainly not on purpose. I’ll start off with our sponsors who host the stops for our event Spartanburg Harley-Davidson, C&C Thunder Custom Cycles, Two-95 Food and Spirits, Grill 221, and Mid-City Shrine Club. I must also mention the sponsors on the back of the T-shirts. We need to look at those sponsors and be sure and let them know that they are appreciated. We must also thank the folks who made our parade as safe as possible and escorted us from
Roebuck across the City of Spartanburg and all the way to Wellford which include our Una neighbors the Una Fire Department and The city of Spartanburg motorcycle unit. Without them I’m sure we could not include one of most everyone’s favorite part of this event! I would be remiss if I  didn’t mention the support of all the other clubs in our community. We appreciate your support and friendship. That is the true spirit of Brotherhood! Last, but certainly not least, we need to say a special thanks to you the Spartanburg biker community as a whole! Without you we would not be successful in supporting Safe Home Rape Crisis Coalition.

   We as bikers know that we are good people. Events like this show the rest of the world what we really are. Thanks to all of you! Hope to be blessed to see all of you again next year!

A special thanks to Eva for riding on the back and hanging on the camera and getting what I thought were some great photos. Hope you enjoy. RonDon

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