The Shop 30th Anniversary Cruise

January 7th thru January 15th, 2005


        Flash, Eva, Burt, Cindy, Cary, Cathy, Wallace, Evonne, Raymond, Kathryn, Jessica, Dusty, Angela, Kevin, Sharon, Greg and Laurie.

 January 7th we visited Magnolia Cemetery where the Hunley crew is buried prior to boarding the Norwegian Majesty.

 Januaty 7th departed Charleston around 5:30 pm.  Dinner the first night was casual.

 January 8th at sea

January 8th David Pearson/Buddy Baker Reception aboard ship in the Royal Fireworks lounge.

 January 9th and 10th at sea.

 January 11th Georgetown, Grand Cayman we hired our own taxi driver, he carried us to Hell, Grand Cayman, then to his house for free rum and cokes.  Raymond then hired the taxi driver to find him an automobile tag from Grand Cayman.

 January 12th Cozumel, Mexico shop til we dropped.  Raymond found motorcycle tags in Cozumel.  Everyone bought HD jewelry.

 January 13th at sea and Key West, Florida the seas were rough and a continual ocean spray hit all sunbathers.

 January 14th at sea cloudy then rain and very rough seas

 Return to Charleston, SC on January 15th, 2005.

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